Respiratory and sleep equipment for long-term care providers.


Equipment and oxygen services with expert guidance.


Inventory solutions for short-term equipment needs.

SRS Reliable Services

We partner with long-term care facilities, hospitals, and home hospice companies by providing exemplary service and equipment rentals for all respiratory and sleep needs. 

Respiratory & Sleep Equipment for Providers

PAP machines (APAP, CPAP, and BiPAP), Oxygen Concentrators, Liquid Oxygen, Portables, Nebulizers, Suction Machines, AVAPS, Cough Assist devices, and more.

Medical Oxygen Delivery Services

Scheduled delivery of medical oxygen in the form of liquid or gas directly to a provider’s facility.

Refill & Inventory Management Solutions

Scheduled refills for certain items directly to a provider's facility.

Ventilation & Home Care Equipment Rentals

Rental program for providers with short-term needs for equipment.

Guidance on Respiratory Care & Equipment Usage

When renting from SRS, we ensure you’re comfortable and have the right information to correctly treat patients.


  • SEPT 2021 – SRS is excited to partner with Oxygen Plus of Monticello, IN, combining more than 30 years of respiratory therapy and medical equipment knowledge. The synergies between SRS and Oxygen Plus give us a leading edge in providing quality respiratory care knowledge, expertise, and service for our home care clients around the world.
  • July 2022 – “Saguaro Respiratory Services (SRS) is pleased to announce the acquisition of CG Oxygen in July of 2022. CG Oxygen is a leading respiratory and sleep equipment provider servicing long-term care and hospice companies in south-central Indiana. CG’s acquisition enhances SRS’s position as a leader in the long-term care market in Indiana. This is the second acquisition within the last 12 months for SRS. Todd Durham, owner and CEO of SRS states “We are thrilled to bring CG Oxygen into the SRS family. The CG relationships that have been developed are deeply-rooted in strong communities, which align perfectly with SRS’s mission to be the leading relationship-based long term care service provider in the state of Indiana and beyond.”
  • August 2022 – SRS is excited to announce the integration of SeriousERP to our customer management system. SeriousERP is a leading inventory tracking and order management system that is vital in maintaining strong records for reporting and data management. Each customer is now able to create orders and manage their rental fleet from their phone or desktop. Todd Durham, the CEO of SRS stated “Serious ERP is a game-changer with equipment rental management. It provides our customers unique capabilities to place orders, generate custom reports, manage their fleet effectively, as well as many other capabilities.  This functionality positions us as a leader in technological advances in the markets we serve and enhances our value to our customers.”

The History of SRS

SRS was founded by experienced home medical equipment service providers who recognized a significant gap in respiratory care in the Market. Facility relationships with large service providers have quickly changed from focusing on the customer to being only about profitability and billing. Our approach is different.

First established as Oxygen Plus in 2003, SRS started as a full-service durable medical equipment provider specializing in respiratory therapy and equipment. Initially offering services to Medicare patients, rehabilitation hospitals, and hospices, we sold our retail business in 2016 and shifted our primary focus to respiratory care in long-term care facilities. Lead by respiratory therapists, making the transition to respiratory care felt appropriate and natural. That’s been our primary focus ever since. 

SRS supplies respiratory equipment, service, supplies, rentals, and respiratory care knowledge to nursing homes, rehabilitation hospitals, and other long-term care providers. We believe in a relationship-driven hands-on approach by taking the time to know each of our customers to ensure they have the right tools and knowledge to provide better care to their patients.